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Kuzul ar Brezhoneg

Gathering breton language associations


  • Signing session in Lannion

    D’ar Yaou 14 a viz Du, etre 10e30 ha 12e30
    Le jeudi 14 novembre, de 10h30 à 12h30


    Levrdi Gwalarn-Librairie Gwalarn
    15, straed an Dogerien/rue des Chapeliers
    22300 Lannuon/Lannion

    Herve Gouedard a zeuio da sinañ e romant nevez, Paul Sérusier, ul livour e Breizh, embannet gant Al Liamm.

    Hervé Gouedard présentera son nouveau roman, Paul Sérusier, ul livour e Breizh, édité par Al Liamm.


    Divi Kervella a ginnigo troidigezh Nikolazig (Le Petit Nicolas de Sempé et Goscinny) embannet
    gant IMAV éditions.

    Divi Kervella présentera sa traduction en breton du Petit Nicolas, Nikolazig, aux éditions IMAV.


  • Authors at Carhaix's book festival

    The Book Festival of Carhaix will take place on the 26th and 27th of October 2013


    Here the authors who will be signing their books on our stand during the festival:


    Mich Beyer for Azvent (novel)

    Yann Bijer for Kan ma Bro (poetry)

    Yann Fulub Dupuy for Milendall and Bizied Eva (novels)

    Michel Derrien for Sidney Olcott (essay)

    Herve Gouedard for Paul Sérusier, ul livour e Breizh (novel)

    Padrig an Habask for Ar sailh hag ar bouteg (breton language)

    Erwan Hupel for Yudal (novel)

    Youenn Kervalan pour Ar Waremm Vras (roman)



    Kristian Braz for Distro (theatre) and A-ziwar logod ha tud (novel/John Steinbeck)

    Gérard Cornillet for Lizher ur vaouez dianavez and Ar c’hoari-echedoù (novel/Stefan Zweig)

    Daniel Kernalegenn for Devet ez vev (testimony/Souad)

    Riwanon Kervella for David Copperfield (novel/Charles Dickens)

    Serj Richard for An dengasaour (theatre/Molière)



    Nikolazig e brezhoneg (Le Petit Nicolas of René Goscinny illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé) traduction Divi Kervella


    NEW BOOKS 2013

    Mojennoù ar Marv, selection of texts about Death

    Don Kic’hote, by Cervantes

    Skignet d’ar Seizh Avel, by Xavier de Langlais/Langleiz

    Prederouriezh by Keal Doue war-lerc’h Auschwitz, by Fañch Kerrain

    Mekanoskrid, by Manuel de Pedrolo

    Goude J.K., by Vasilis Aleksakis

    Groix, mon île, by Ange Yvon



    Kuzul ar Brezhoneg

    14, Louzaouenn an Hañv

    22300 LANNUON

    plg : 02 96 48 03 00


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    Welcome to the new Kuzul ar Brezhoneg website !

    We hope you will enjoy it.

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  • 100 books for a breton language and culture library

    You don't know where to start ?

    We selected for you one hundred books, so you can start your own library, or simply discover a few essential works.

    In this PDF file, you will find a list by genres, with all the references.



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